How to Partner and Participate on Twitch

Affiliate on Twitch

You must be an Affiliate before becoming a Partner on Twitch! If you do not already have an audience on YouTube or a similar platform, Twitch does not directly Affiliate you. You must be an Affiliate first and then a Partner. So what do we need to do to become an Affiliate and what is the list of features that will be opened on our channel when we become an Affiliate?

What You Need to Do to Become a Participant
There are 4 different goals you need to reach in order to become a affiliate. Let's start by counting them if you want, as you can see in the table below, the 4 things Twitch wants from you in order to become an Affiliate are as follows:

Broadcasting 8 Hours in the Last 30 Days

Broadcasting at least 7 days in the last 30 days

Average 3 Viewers Per Broadcast

50 Followers to Reach

As you can see, these are the requirements in the table presented by Twitch. If you want to go to this table offered by Twitch, you can click here.

Features to Open on Your Channel When You Join
When you become an Affiliate and Partner, certain features are unlocked on your channel and both you and your viewers can use them now. Of course, some features may be exclusive to you. So what are these features?

Subscribe to Your Channel

Subscriber Emoticons (A Few)

Advertising Revenues

Subscriber Badges (A Few)


Again, in this table offered by Twitch, you can compare the features of a regular Streamer and an Affiliated Streamer.

Other Details About Being a Participant
Affiliate is an automatic system, once you fulfill the requirements, Twitch will give you the affiliate badge within a few days at the latest and you will now have an Affiliated Streamer features unlocked on your channel. Many features will remain disabled on your channel until you become a member.

Being an affiliate is not very difficult, if you post regularly for 2 months, you will most likely get the affiliate badge at the end of the 2nd month or you can achieve it sooner. At the beginning, inviting your friends to your Twitch channel and asking them to follow you may help a little in this regard, but we do not recommend that you continue and only gain followers this way. If you become a channel of only friends and relatives, your growth can be negatively impacted in many ways.

As long as you continue to meet the affiliate requirements, you will continue to be an affiliate. This system is again an automatic system. You don't get an affiliate badge from someone, Twitch automatically gives it to you.

Partnering on Twitch
So how can you become a Partner? Okay, now you know how to become a partner, but you may not know how to become a Partner. Let's clear this up quickly. The Partner requirements that Twitch has told you to become a Partner on Twitch are as follows:

Broadcasting 25 Hours in the Last 30 Days

Broadcasting 12 Days in the Last 30 Days

Having an Average of 75+ Viewers Per Broadcast

The requirements are clear, as can be seen in the chart Twitch has presented.

Features to Unlock on Your Channel When You Become a Partner
You may be wondering what features will unlock on your channel after becoming a partner. We took a look at them using the resources offered by Twitch for you, and the list of features that will open on your channel when you become a Partner is as follows:

Many Channel Expressions

Special Cheermotes

Many Subscriber Badges

Approved Partner Badge

We've tried to highlight the extra features you've gained according to an Affiliated Publisher with red paint. Here are the new features that will open on your channel when you become a Partner.

Other Details About the Partnership
To be frank, being a Partner isn't like being an Affiliate, with an average of 75+ viewers currently on Twitch which is pretty substantial, and a channel with 75+ instant viewers will typically have 25,000 or more followers. In short, it is difficult to become a Partner, but if you continue to broadcast regularly after becoming a Partner, you will both improve your channel much more than before and increase your earnings much more than before, in the long run.

The Affiliate is an automatic system like an Affiliate, it does not require any application, when you meet the requirements, your channel will be reviewed and you will earn the badge. However, there are some rules to becoming a Partner. If you do not follow these rules, your Affiliate badge can be withdrawn even if you meet the requirements.

How Can You Develop Your Twitch Channel?
Okay, now you know how to become a Partner and Affiliate. So what's next? Next up is to improve your channel, open regular posts and constantly learn new things. We have prepared a small list for you on this topic (channel development):

Post Regularly

Update Your Channel Designs

Make Your Channel Settings

Use Loyalty Points Effectively

Develop Your Panel Strategies

Create a Social Media Strategy

As soon as you do the things we have written in short notes in the list, you can become an affiliate in a short time and if you are someone with Publishing potential, you can easily become a Partner in the long run. We are ready to help you in this regard. By using the Forum free of charge, you can ask all your questions to the whole community and you can get different answers from many people.