Service Information and FAQ

• Live stream views are recorded as playback in live stream statistics (YouTube Studio), but may not be fully recorded in 'normal' offline video statistics.
• We cannot give total watch time or the sum of unique views sent to concurrent viewers only during the campaign.

• Active Live Views - Monetizable
• May vary depending on order quantity and video content )
• 100% Real and Concurrent Views!
• Windows Desktop Embedded Views
• 100% Unique Traffic
• Possible User Interactions
• Directing from Social Media (Twitter)
• Views from World Countries
• Broadcast should be open to all countries
• Monetizable (Available While Ads are Active)
• There may be drops in the broadcast. Check out the other viewer category for a 100% Stable service.

• Depending on the density, late submissions may occur.
• No action is taken on confidential accounts.
• Do not take the second order on the same link before the order is finished!