Buy Twitch Chat Bots


Service Descriptions and FAQ

  • The stream must be live.
  • Follower mode should be off and security settings should be at the lowest level.
  • Disable e-mail and phone verification for your chat.
  • Type your channel link in format
  • Chat messages cannot be altered and generally consist of emojis.
  • If you want to stop it, activate follower-only mode or notify live support.
  • They write messages at intervals of 30-60 seconds.
  • You can purchase 24/7, it works automatically.

Twitch Settings ( Very Important )

1. Turn off "Followers Only Chat" & "Slow Mode Off". Screenshot :
2. Go to :
3. Go to Channel Privileges --> Chat Verification
4. Turn off ""Email Verification Off" & "Phone Number Verification" Screenshot :

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