Free Twitch Viewers

Free Twitch viewer bot packages are limited by stock. For customers who want to test our service before purchasing, 20 viewers are provided for free for 10 minutes. It's sent to each channel only once. If misuse is detected, your channel will be blacklisted. If you wish to test our service for more than 10 minutes and observe its quality, you can purchase our paid hourly viewer trial packages.


How Can I Get Twitch Free Trial?

If you want to use the free trial package, it's very easy!:

  1. Connect to live support.
  2. Complete the giveaway tasks.
  3. Inform the live support agent and get your free Twitch trial package!

Dear Bot Viewer community! We now host a monthly giveaway event, offering gifts from the various categories on our site. This special giveaway is for you, our visitors, whom we serve across almost every platform, from Twitch to YouTube, from Kik to Discord, and beyond.

BotViewer Monthly Giveaway

Service Information and FAQ

  • Connect to live support after completing the tasks to activate the free trial. It is sent once per channel.
  • Paid packs automatically starts in 0-15 minutes.
  • Make sure you entered your channel link correctly.
  • Channels and users that abuse the trial packs will be blacklisted. 
  • Trial packs are limited in stock.
  • reserves the right not to send it to the channel it seems inappropriate.
  • Viewers affect stats. You can get affiliate program and enable subscribe button.


100 viewers were requested for the promo video, please do not connect to live support and ask for more viewers


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