Twitch Weekly Viewer Bot with Raid

Enhance your Twitch channel's growth with our Twitch Weekly Viewer Bot with Raid. This service is designed to increase your visibility and engagement by allowing up to 7 raids per week. Each raid starts automatically within 0-10 minutes, ensuring a smooth and effortless experience.

Service Information and FAQ

  • Up to 7 raids per week.
  • Viewers participate in raids and stay until the raided channel ends its stream or your channel goes live again.
  • The service initiates automatically within 0-10 minutes.
  • Time is continuous and expires 7 days after purchase.
  • Changing your channel name after ordering is not allowed.
  • Generates VOD views.
  • 100% real user list.
  • Boosts "Live Views" and "Unique Viewers" statistics.
  • No ad watching or income generation from this service.
  • No bans observed; however, the buyer assumes responsibility for any potential issues.
  • Unlimited broadcasting; stream as much as you want.

What are VOD Views?

VOD Views automatically send viewership statistics to your stream video, eliminating the need for additional video views purchases. Our service ensures your statistics appear natural and credible against viewer bot detection tools, enhancing your channel's authenticity.


VOD Views impact "Unique Viewer" and "Live Views" statistics on the Twitch creator dashboard.


Our tests show that the VOD Views feature included in premium packages is undetected by Chrome extensions analyzing viewer bots.

*While these extensions do not guarantee 100% accuracy, they provide a reliable assessment for broadcasters concerned about this issue. BotViewer does not guarantee the results of these extensions and is not responsible for future changes, though updates will be provided as needed.


Does this category have a Chat Bot or Control Panel?

This category operates automatically 24/7 throughout your package duration. Viewers join your channel within 15 minutes of you starting your broadcast. Manual initiation or chat bot features via the Dashboard are not available in this category. For these features, consider purchasing one of our Dashboard packages.

Boost Your Channel Easily

With 7 days of continuous viewing time, maximize your channel's performance. This service uses 100% real users to increase "Live Views," "Unique Viewers," and VOD views. Keep your channel name unchanged post-order for uninterrupted service.

Stream Without Restrictions

Enjoy unlimited streaming without worrying about ad views or income generation. While no bans have been observed from using our viewer bot, any potential issues are the buyer's responsibility. Enhance your Twitch growth efficiently with our reliable bot.

Dependable and Effective

Our viewer bot ensures steady viewer participation, crucial for channel growth. For personalized assistance and tips on improving your Twitch presence, connect with our live support team.


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