Service Information and FAQ

  • Instant delivery. Starts in 0-5 minutes.
  • Link: channel name
  • There is no drop in followers. It is guaranteed for 45 days against possible drops.
  • We guarantee a refund for your order if we can't deliver it within the estimated delivery time (if it is more than three days). 
  • All are loaded one after the other. Notification sound can be annoying if sent during live stream!


When will my order be completed?

Each social media platform uses different algorithms. For this reason, the start and completion times of each service are different. The average completion time for the twitch followers buy category is 30 minutes.

Do Twitch followers look like bots?

No, they are real looking and high quality followers. You can check the image below.

Can I Get Banned?

We have not received any complaints indicating that getting banned is a possibility when you buy followers from our website, as it is a safe and legitimate practice. Purchasing followers is comparable to requesting a friend to follow your Twitch account, so there is nothing to worry about in terms of potential penalties or restrictions.

How Many Twitch Followers Do You Need to Get Paid?

To earn money on Twitch, you have to have at least 50 followers. Then you need to become a Twitch affiliate or partner. You can easily become an affiliate with Twitch viewer bot services.


Why Should You Buy Twitch Followers?

Are you wondering how to increase your Twitch follower count quickly without having to wait for months or even years? Then, buying Twitch followers from a reliable site may be a more proactive approach.

When you buy Twitch followers, it instantly boosts the appeal of your channel and content, giving you a more credible image that will attract new followers organically. In addition, having more followers is also important for receiving donations, so buying followers is an effective strategy to monetize your channel.

Buying Twitch followers is a common practice among millions of users worldwide who want to stay ahead of the competition on this crowded platform. Therefore, if you want to remain relevant and build your audience, it makes sense to follow their example.

 At BotViewer, we prioritize providing high-quality social media products that you can trust.