Kick viewer packages have been moved to the dashboard panel! Now, you can activate the desired amount of viewers by stopping and starting them yourself. A more stable and high-quality Kick viewer bot experience awaits you!

Kick Monthly Viewer Bot

In the world of livestreaming, reaching a wider audience and increasing engagement is crucial for success. Whether you are a gamer, content creator, or influencer,'s Weekly Viewer Packages offer an effective solution to elevate your livestream and attract more viewers. With our carefully crafted packages, you can enhance your livestream experience, boost your channel's popularity, and establish a strong online presence.

Service Information and FAQ (For Dashboard Packages)

  • The duration cannot be paused or split. It ends 7 days after the payment is completed.
  • In dashboard packages, the channel name can be changed. The fee for changing the channel name is 5€ for each package.
  • Since Kick is in the beta version, it can sometimes count more viewers than set. For example, if you purchase a 100 viewer package and start with 100 viewers, occasionally up to 1.5-2 times more viewers can join. This means if you activate 100 viewers from the panel, you might get 150 viewers.
  • No ban has been observed due to the Kick viewer bot, but the responsibility for any problems that may occur belongs to the buyer.
  • It does not watch ads and does not provide you any income.
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