Twitch 2 Monthly Viewer Bot with Raid Feature

Boost your Twitch channel's growth with our exclusive Twitch 2 Monthly Viewer Bot with Raid feature. This tool is crafted to amplify your channel's visibility and engagement by allowing up to 60 raids each month. Viewers will automatically join your stream within 0-10 minutes for 60 days. The 2-month plan you're currently viewing is listed at a discounted price compared to the 1-month Twitch Premium +Raid plan.


Service Information and FAQ

  • You can do 60 raids.
  • Viewers participate in raids within this category. Viewers remain until the raided channel ends its stream or the channel that was ordered goes live again.
  • It starts automatically within 0-10 minutes.
  • The time is not stopped or divided. It expires 60 days after your purchase.
  • It is not allowed to change your channel name after your order.
  • Generates VOD Views.
  • 100% User list.
  • This service generates "Live Views" and "Unique Viewers" statistics.
  • It does not watch ads and does not provide you any income.
  • No ban has been observed due to the Twitch raid bot, but the responsibility for any problems that may occur belongs to the buyer.
  • There is no broadcast limit; you can go live as much as you want.


What are VOD Views?

Automatically sends viewership statistics to the stream video. There’s no need to purchase video views additionally. Our VOD Views service ensures your viewer statistics appear natural, providing credibility against viewer bot detection tools and enhancing the authenticity of your channel.*


They affect the "Unique Viewer" and "Live Views" statistics on the stream summary on the Twitch creator dashboard.


*The difference between Twitch and Twitch Premium categories as tested with one of the mentioned analysis extensions has determined that the VOD Views feature included in our premium category packages is not detected by Chrome extensions that analyze whether a channel has a viewer bot or not.


*Although these extensions do not provide 100% accurate information, they have been specifically tested for broadcasters who care about this issue. BotViewer does not offer a guarantee for the results of these types of extensions. While we are not responsible for any future changes, this area will be updated in case of possible changes.


Does this category have a Chat Bot or Control Panel?

In this category, everything operates automatically 24/7 for the duration of your package. As soon as you begin streaming, viewers will automatically join the channel within 0-10 minutes. This category does not offer manual initiation or chat bot features via the Dashboard. If you need these functionalities, please consider purchasing one of the packages available on the dashboard.

Boost Your Channel Effortlessly

With continuous viewing time for 60 days, you can maximize your channel's performance. This service utilizes 100% realistic users, leading to an increase in "Live Views," "Unique Viewers," and VOD views. Additionally, maintaining your channel name post-order is essential for uninterrupted service.

Stream Without Limits

Enjoy unlimited streaming without worrying about ad views or income generation. Although no bans have been observed from using our viewer bot, any potential issues are the buyer's responsibility. With our bot, you can enhance your Twitch growth efficiently and reliably.

Reliable and Effective

Our viewer bot is designed to provide steady viewer participation, crucial for growing your channel. For more personalized assistance and tips on improving your Twitch presence, connect with our live support team.


Twitch Raid Bot

Boost your Twitch channel effortlessly with our Twitch Raid Bot service. With the ability to perform up to 60 raids, you can ensure viewers stick around until the raided stream ends or your ordered channel goes live again. The service starts automatically within 0-10 minutes, providing continuous viewing time for 60 days after purchase. Just make sure not to change your channel name after ordering to keep things running smoothly.

This service helps you generate valuable VOD views and enhances your "Live Views" and "Unique Viewers" statistics with a 100% authentic user list. You can stream as much as you want, without any limits. Although it doesn't involve ad viewing or generate ad income, no bans have been observed from using our viewer bot. Please note that any issues are the buyer's responsibility.

With 2 Monthly Raid Bot, you can effortlessly increase your channel's engagement and visibility, making it a must-have tool for serious streamers looking to grow their audience.


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